2017 Beach Sweep RESULTS!
Thank you to everyone that participated!

Participants: 195
Estimated Weight Collected: 927.75 lbs
Distance Cleaned: 72.9 miles
Number of Bags Filled: 95.25
Cigarettes: 3740
Food Wrappers: 754
Take Out Plastics: 54
Take Out Foam: 41
Bottle Caps Plastic: 649
Bottle Caps Metal: 136
Plastic Lids: 181
Straws: 311
Forks, Knives, Spoons: 63
Plastic Bottles: 414
Glass Bottles: 89
Beverage Cans: 320
Plastic Grocery Bags: 160
Other Plastic Bags: 149
Paper Bags: 32
Cups & Plates Paper: 35
Cups & Plates Plastic: 65
Cups & Plates Foam: 60
Fishing Gear: 3
Fishing Buoys, Pots & Traps: 28
Fishing Nets & Pieces: 56
Fishing Line: 58
Rope: 77
6-Pack Holder: 6
Other Plastic/Foam Packaing: 264
Other Plastic Bottles: 64
Strapping Bands: 74
Tobacco Packaging Wrap: 72
Condoms: 6
Diapers: 8
Syringes: 0
Tampons: 12
Appliances: 0
Balloons: 135
Cigar Tips: 153
Cigarette Lighters: 14
Construction Materials: 231
Fireworks: 25
Tires: 8
Foam Pieces: 749
Glass Pieces: 124
Plastic Pieces: 1397


This year will be the 31st Annual Beach Sweep across the Outer Banks. Dare County residents have been strong supporters of the event since its inception in 1987.

In 2016 we had over 270 volunteers in Dare County pick up over 750 lbs of debris! We are aiming even higher this year.

How can you help?

On the day of the event, please visit one of the below zone locations between 9 am and 12 noon. You will get trash bags, cleanup gear, and direction on where to clean. Then bring your completed data cards to the Outer Banks Brewing Station from 12-4 as your ticket to TrashFest!

  • Kitty Hawk Kayak & Surf School (Free Kayak Rentals!)
  • Chicahauk (Southern Shores)
  • Kitty Hawk Bath House
  • Avalon Pier
  • Kill Devil Hills Bath House
  • Bonnett Street
  • Jennette’s Pier

Become a sponsor!

If you would like to sponsor this event, please download the Big Sweep Sponsorship Form.

Should you have any questions please contact Scott Lawrence at 573-9869 or via email at Scott@boldprintdesign.com.

We would like to thank our sponsors:

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Crawford Cottage

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Special Thanks to All of Our Zone Captains:

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