Thank you for your commitment to the Adopt-A-Beach Program.

By completing the agreement below and providing the requested information, entering your name in the signature field and clicking submit (constituting an electronic signature), a sign provided will be placed and maintained at a public beach access point with your sponsor information displayed.

In return, you agree to:

  1. Clean your access and remove litter from the area a minimum of 6 times per year, and
  2. Record your cleanup through the Ocean Conservancy’s Clean Swell app. You can find out more and download the app here Or you can add your cleanup to the database here, where you can also view previous cleanups and the entire international cleanup data for any region all the way down to your access!

You are eligible to maintain your assigned access indefinitely so long you perform the above requirements. Failure to meet these obligations may result in your access being re-assigned to another willing sponsor.

Adopt a Beach Sign Up
There may be limitations on the number of letters that can be placed on the sign. If there’s an issue, we will contact you.