Surfrider Foundation Outer Banks Chapter

No Offshore Drilling

No Offshore DrillingThe Outer Banks Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is unequivocally opposed to any offshore oil or gas drilling along the North Carolina Coast, and any Coastal Environment within the United States of America.In our opinion, the search for non-renewable fossil fuels is a waste of capital, short sighted in scope and an open invitation for environmental catastrophe.

Our reasons are as follows:

  • Natural gas production along our coasts is a non-renewable energy source that does little to address the long-term energy needs of our Country. We feel that it would be more ecologically responsible to pursue non-polluting sources of renewable energy through NC Green Power’s solar, wind and biomass energy production projects. These sources of energy do not pose a risk to our environmental health or livelihoods.
  • Offshore drilling poses a major threat to our environmental health, public health and natural resources that make Dare County such a great place to live and vacation. Should there be a spill, our offshore fisheries, coastlines and public health would be in jeopardy. Dare County citizens should not be placed at risk for such potential disaster that would destroy our quality of life, recreational activities, livelihoods or status as a premier tourist destination.
  • The revenue to be gained from offshore drilling would benefit special interest groups within the fossil fuels industry and little economic benefit would make its way into the community of Dare County. As residents of Dare County, we would assume all risks to environmental disaster, while we would benefit the least from such activities.
  • The seas of the Outer Banks are extremely volatile, storm-prone and treacherous which makes the construction of oil platforms a foolish venture. History has dubbed our coastline the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’ and for due cause: this coastline produces frequent high winds, potent Nor’easter and savage hurricanes. Also, the platforms would have to be located in deep water with strong prevailing currents, all of which contribute to the the likelihood of platform failure and oil spills.

As advocates for responsible environmental stewardship of our oceans, the Outer Banks Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is vehemently opposed to ANY offshore drilling along the North Carolina Coast. We need not look at the past two hurricane seasons of proof of the environmental catastrophe that awaits our coastal waters if we build oil platforms off our coast. Katrina and Ivan along leaked millions of gallons of pollutants into the gulf of Mexico. We do not want our coasts to be the next victim of environmental degradation at the hand of large oil companies.