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The Outer Banks Surfrider Foundation is responsible for coordinating the Adopt-A-Beach program in Dare County. This program involves individual, business, and organization sponsors willing to adopt a local public beach access and keep it clean at a minimum of 6 times a year.

The towns in which public accesses are available agree to assist in coordination by providing sponsorship signs for the access offering publicity to the sponsor.

Program Goals

  • Maintain clean, liter-free beaches in Dare County
  • Raise public awareness on clean beach issues
  • Collect statistical data on debris found.

Sign-up to adopt an access!

Commitments for adopting an access:

  1. Check in before cleaning access
  2. Clean your access/ remove litter from the area a minimum of 6 times per year
  3. Record data via Surfrider’s Beach Cleanup Data Portal
  4. Send photos of cleanups to be posted on our social media platforms
  5. Make a $50 donation to the Outer Banks Chapter due at time of application
  6. Make sure to keep your contact information up to date
  7. After 2 year term you will need to re apply for the access.

Click here to submit your application.

Instructions for our application system:

  • Click on one of the opportunity links, scroll through to see which locations are still available. Only 1 person can sign up for each location.
  • You will receive an automatic email from the Golden platform after you sign up for your beach access location. The email  will include post registration instructions that will include a link for you to pay your $50 donation and this is due at the time of signing up for the beach you are adopting. Once this is paid you have officially adopted a beach.



Already signed-up to adopt an access?

  1. Click here to download a cleanup data card to track what you collect. This info helps us measure impact and track litter trends.
  2. Click here to check-in each day that you are cleaning your access location so we know you are maintaining your adopted location.
    • You will receive a follow up email asking you how many pounds of trash you picked up. 
    • Register an account in the database here: Select "Outer Banks, US, NC" as your chapter.
    • Login to the database here:
    • Use Google Chrome to access the database for best results. Minimum data to collect includes Beach location, date, # of participants, and pounds of trash. Collect cleanup data and record it via Surfrider’s Beach Cleanup Data collection system.

  1. Please take photos at your cleanups and post to social media or send to If on social media, please tag us!

Open Opportunities Listed In Golden




Program Coordinator: Tamara Warren (she/her)

Please feel free to email me to find out more about the Dare County Adopt-A-Beach program, or to express your interest in adopting a beach access.

Town Resources

Below is contact information for the town manager and public works department for each town participating in the Adopt-A-Beach program. If you come across a large debris item that you cannot remove, please call the public works department of that town and they will come remove it. You can also call if you have any other concerns about your access, or if your sign has been removed, damaged, or not installed yet.

Kitty Hawk

Public Works:
Willie Midgett

Town Manager:
John Stockton

Kill Devil Hills

Grounds Supervisor, Public Works:
Ross Cipriano

Town Manager:
Debra Peele Diaz

Nags Head

Public Services;
Eric Claussen

Town Manager:
Andrew Garman